Rise your brand to shine,
Outstand the market
Elevate is a service company that makes "creativity" the core of everything it does.
With Elevate, you will get a one stop creative solution for the business you are running.
It all starts with
a dream and a passion
Established on March 2011, Elevate was created to help business solve the trivial problem of successful branding. Its main services focus on 2 development areas, building brands and growing businesses.
Elevate's dream has always been to gather a team of talented creatives and experts for the noble purpose of producing great, fresh, meaningful innovations and looks for Indonesia as well as other parts of the world.

Growth is the main focus when providing for our clients. What we mean by growth is the constant well-being of a company or brand while caring for its core values and achieving uniqueness, so that it can keep raising the bar of its culmination and become a meaningful inspiration and legacy for future generations.
A great brand image
for a great business
Good first impressions and attractive appearance will, more often than not, play an incredible role in the relationships we build. Different appearances will result in different first impressions and different first impressions will result in different connections.

A good brand image is one of the basis for a successful business. As a satisfying appearance will bring confidence to someone, it will ultimately attract others to check them out.

Therefore, like your hairdresser wants to make you as appealing as possible, we want to make your business the most attractive it can be for the target audience you are looking for.
The Elevate Trifecta
7 Reasons to choose Elevate as your partner
Character Branding
Provide solid character for your identity and brand.
Creative Strategy
Build creative strategies to open opportunities for developing your business.
Companion System
Follow through all the stages of a strategy until completion.
Crafted Design
Unique visual designs that are relevant to your company and customers.
Integrated Services
Effective and efficient integrated service through planning, analyzing, and implementing work programs.
Passionate Team
Branding is the result of a collaboration between art & science, involving teams that facilitate both. A solid team formed through passion will generate high performance and enthusiasm.
Excellent Spirit
A solid, professional and passionate team to produce the best performance possible.
Being Extraordinary
The 1st Unique & Creative Modern Promoting Media
Attractive & More Communicative
More Worthy to Reach the Market than Printed Media
Sociomate is a subsidiary of Elevate Branding that focuses on Social Media Management. We aim to be your best mate who will help your social media marketing needs, along with deep analysis and great content to give you the best solutions.
Some of our clients include:
Chang Tea is an F&B brand that brings Bangkok street food in a modern way. First established in Surabaya, Chang Tea has now become a national brand that spread all around Indonesia.
BBQ Frenzy is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with an asian style menu. They give a new experience to enjoy by bringing freedom to experiment with many special sauces and ingredients.
Chum Snackperience is a snack brand that brings a new experience to your snacking times. The concept is a product that will bring people closer together, thanks to the joy and excitement it delivers.
Used Jeans is an American jeans brand specially designed for men. Every materials, fits and cuts are adjusted to cater men's needs. Used Jeans are made by an ozone denim processing machine. This ecofriendly machine allows them to use less water and chemicals to produce their unique quality jeans.
Kecut Manis is a brand that specializes in tropical fruits and salads. They bring new sensations with fresh ingredients and a unique taste into their healthy recipes.
Xavier Marks is one of the biggest leading property agency in Surabaya. World-class trainings for top-of-the-line property agents. Xavier Marks holds training sessions and seminars every month to ensure that their consultants always deliver excellent customer services.